Winter 2013-2014 Refit Stralsund

Lady Rover found a great new homeport on the small Dänholm Island adjacent to Stralsund. Very well protected it  reminded me always to a smugglers nest.

I met wonderful people here. Always helpful but a bit more quiet than the people I knew from down south. Big thank you to Thomas of Segelschule Dänholm and all his team!

In early spring it was clear that I would move on, the new job misarably failed to be in line with the expectations I had towards it.

Time to finish the exterior refit before moving west towards a new job and life.

I sanded the hulls at -12 degrees centigrade, the cold helps, as the paint sticks less and there is now water running down the topsides.

In April there was a chance to fix the forward main beam. The nice sunny and warm weather helped a lot towards a good result.

Eugen, my longtime boyfriend, came all the way from Nürnberg to get the boat ready. We worked over 12 hours per day.


Kind helpers:


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