Summer 2019 Still busy in France!

After thorough discussion we decided to stay in France untill our big departure date in 2021.

We love the place, we love the kind people and we know our way around to get replacement parts during the refit. Pricing has so far been fair too.
This summer lies another elaborate job ahead, fixing a part on the starboard hull, but also some improvements follow and we hope to cap that with sailing to the Ile de Re this time.

More below. All in chronological order. Latest on top.




Juni 15 2018

First jobs done. 


Repaired rot and epoxy painted all bilges. 


Added dinghy net for offshore storage of our dinghy. 


Reinforced transom corners, which is the area I damaged few times in the past.

Now on to replace the gas regulator, it was leaking and reminded me once more that the gas detector is imparative. Maybe we will eventually get rid of gas for cooking. It's just not nice to have that potential source for explosions on board. 

Alcohol works well too and evaporates instead of slowly filling the bilges.

Then I need to go up the mast & detangle the main halyard.

On the social side of life it's so nice to meet Michelle, Anna et Olivier again.

Michelle really has a heart of gold.


Juni 12 2018


1500km later, this time completely in daylight and with a sympathic passenger between Mainz and Paris I'm back in Cordemais.

Feels really really good to be back on board. The boat is dirty as hell, but a quick look indicates that the big repair under the starboard center tank will not be necessary. 

With those good news I can sleep well!

Neustädtel (Germany)

Early June 2019


Lots and lots of gear to go in the car.

Still I need to leave space for a passenger, 1500km alone are too boring. 

With the help of Eugen we manage to get everything into the Ford Ka, looks like it just expands when needed :-) 

I expect a big repair again, the starboard watertank was leaking time and time again and created some rot as it looked like when we left Lady Rover last summer.


Kind helpers:


Enlarge to watch!