Summer 2018 Vive la France!

Following 2016 I ended up setting up my personal business ( in visualistion, 3D design and 360 degree photography. So unfortunately there was no time to go onboard.
Still in 2018 we are back.
Crossing the bay of Biskay had to be postponed by a year though, as my brother expressed the wish to join the boat with his family during the summer holidays. So it looks like a lively summer ahead.

More below. All in chronological order. Latest on top.



Panschwitz (Germany)

May 2018


While we are not at the boat right now, still proper "boaty" things are happening.

Apart from salvaging the Genset by replacing the rusting rubbish switchpanel and buying a 1959 built Pfaff 130 sewing machine for all the canvas work ahead, franziska has built a rathe peculiar dinghy.

Two weeks building time until the first splash, horray!

Peculiar you ask? Well its a Laser Deck on a Spindrift 10 hull. The aim is to be able to use her with oars and engine and also use her as a fun sailing dinghy.
Fran loves Laser sailing, so beeing giftet an old Laser helps. All fittings and the deck are resused and combined with a 3.20m Spindrift hull. Add a big deck hatch up front and a main bulkhead and you have a great vehicle to ferry supplies dry to the boat and enjoy proper dinghy sailing once in a while.

Have a look below. Two weeks building time. Now I'll get into finishing everything off.
One thing will change, my hatch looks nice but is not tight. I'll fix a yacht hatch instead.



Friday 30th March 2018 - Monday 09th April 2018


Friday morning Eugen arrives by plane and after a brief coffee at Cafe Croix Morzel we jump right in!

Georg graps the pressure washer and hoses the whole boat down until shes a clean and pretty Lady again.
Eugen starts rewiring the charging electrics and batteries, while I start replacing the shrouds. After an unknown number of years its about time to do this.

The list of works is long:

  • Resealing and epoxy coating the boardcase
  • Repainting the bathroom ceiling
  • Installing new tanks
  • Rewiring the batteries and charging circuit
  • Replacing the shrouds
  • Finding and stopping a tiny leak
  • Reglueing a window
  • .
  • .

Of course there are the usual surprises, like a to short tibe for the wind generator (I had planned initially for a different model), delivery of the wrong type of Sikaflex for the windows,, a rotten transom reinforcement...
Still, with a lot of elbow grease and persistence we progress well. It helps not to be alone in this!

In the evenings we got invited twice by our host and now friend (!) Michelle and her family. Her brother himself went to sea to catch a huge tray of delicious Oysters for dinner. Perfect!
Michelle showed us the full warm heart she has. Thank you so much!!

By saturday most jobs are completed and we are about to leave as in Nantes our tire gets damaged on the curb. Bummer, it's raining. Saturday and 19:30. So a while later we find ourselves back onboard. There are no tire services operational before monday morning.

Sunday sees me taking the lower leg of the portside outboard to check why the gear shift leaver is stuck. Turns out the lower leg, its impeller as well as the gear shift rod are fine. Must be in the upper works. I'll have to give it another shot in June.

Monday morning we get our wheels fixed and have a loong ride back home. Thankfully its not boring as we have another friendly passenger from paris to Offenbach.



Thursday 29th March 2018


Its Thursday morning and way to early but we need to get going. Roughly 1500km of road ahead.
The car is jam packed with gear from battery terminals to a wind generator, epoxy, paint,.... Oh and we share our ride, so we need to leave some space for a passenger and his luggage too.

Last night I received some very welcomed and friendly support by Mr Ehlert, the local rep of Multicontact/Stäubli, a company specialising in solar cables and the specialised high amp connectors associated.
He was so kind to crimp waterproof connectors onto the wind generator cables. Thank you!

We are lucky, traffic is low and our passengers between Dresden and Reims are very friendly and interesting people. Thanks to Nina we know now the details on what cheese the French and Germans prefer. They are not the same. French prefer the (usually better!) yellow, runny and smelly types.
The third passenger is a bit of a bore, but you can not be always lucky.
Around 23:00 hours we arrive in Cordemais and are greeted by our very friendly AirBnB host Michelle despite the late hours.


Neustädtel (Germany)

Spring 2018


Spring is approaching and I am looking so much forward to join Lady Rover again.
In early April my boyfriend Eugen, my twinbrother Georg and myself will head for Cordemais to revive Lady Rover from her loong sleep.

In May I plan to built a new sailing dinghy to replace the "non"-sailing dinghy we have currently. The base will be the Spindrift 10 by bandb yacht design (, but mine will be modified by reusing a lot of parts from an old Laser dinghy which I have been gifted by a friend.

Further I plan to built a generator box with table for the cockpit, which will allow easier starting and maintenance of the genset.



Kind helpers:


Enlarge to watch!