Summer 2016
English Channel & beyond

 An extendet cruise down to the channel islands and possibly way beyond.
All in chronological order. Latest on top.

Thursday 13th October 2016-Open End 

First jobs done.

1) Repaired rot and epoxy painted all bilges.  

2) Added dinghy net for offshore storage of our dinghy.  

3) Reinforced transom corners, which is the area I damaged few times in the past. 

Now on to replace the gas regulator, it was leaking and reminded me once more that the gas detector is imparative. Maybe we will eventually get rid of gas for cooking. It's just not nice to have that potential source for explosions on board.  
Alcohol works well too and evaporates instead of slowly filling the bilges. 
Then I need to go up the mast & detangle the main halyard. 

On the social side of life it's so nice to meet Michelle, Anna et Olivier again. Michelle really has a heart of gold. 

Thursday 13th October 2016-Open End 

Following the few miles up the river we turn to port passing a peculiar villa on top of a chimney. One can even rent the place as I find out a little later.
It's Thursday afternoon by now and I'm waiting for Bernard to show up with is hydraulic tractor trailer rig. 
Quite a sight to see her behind the tiny tractor and for a moment I wonder if she will not overwhelm it. 
No sweat, its a powerful beast and an hour later we are parked with a washed underwatership beside a beautiful Alizee catamaran. 
Couple of busy days follow, I'm glueing the second front winter and do general winter preparation work like oiling the engines, stowing the sails and killing tons of mosquitos which like to join me in the warm cabin. 
No way my friends! 
Now this wonderful summer draws to an end and soon I will return to the roots of my career, got a potential job offer in Southampton. 
Good thing there are direct flights from there to Nantes. 
So eventually you can follow the next adventures in 2017.
Might stay in French waters for a while or head on south we'll see, time will tell. 

Tuesday 11th-Thursday 13th October 2016 

At Paimboef I spent two windy days on a buoy while clearing up and sending the first 3 bags home. I use the SNCF luggage service for this despite taking a flight. Noone asks for a train ticket.

Turns out a little later, that is even cheaper, so that is what I will use next time.

Its all come full circle now, as I have been here with Eugen before. While visiting the wonderful castles of the Loire, we took a detour in 2012 so that I could look at a small trimaran which I was considering to purchase at the time.

There is also a wild sculptural park on the shore. Great fun for Kids in the summer I guess. 


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