2013 Leaving Hamburg industrial harbor for Stralsund

 An extendet cruise down to the channel islands and possibly way beyond.
All in chronological order. Latest on top.

Summer 2013

In autumn I took up a new job in Stralsund and set sails towards my new hometown.

As upon my arrival in Hamburg, I was greeted farewell by a giant containership. Sebastian, his trusty do a collegue of him joined me to help in Kiel canal and try the new mainsail. 

Without the later, I would not have been able to make the move. 

The entry to Kiel canal was really snug as you can see below. 

Autumn temperatures where paired with reasonably dry weather and stormy winds on the last leg from Rostock into the Bodden behind the Island of Hiddensee. 

I had a lovely Crew in Klaus from Nefertiti and my cousin Brigitte. Brigitte was brave enough to go Swimming at 12 degree centigrade water temperature. Brrr!


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