A chilly delivery from Denmark to Hamburg

 An extendet cruise down to the channel islands and possibly way beyond.
All in chronological order. Latest on top.

Middelfart (DK) - Hamburg (GER)
April 2013

 It was still wintery despite beeing mid April when Sarah and myself took a train to Denmark where Debbie and Michel were eagerly awaiting to hand their "Findus" over to her new owner.

It was quite funny for us to see the three of us beside each other. Michel was very tall, I was tallish and Sarah was actually best sized for the height of the coachroof.

Michel did some trial manouvering with us and I will always remember his very wise words "if in doubt aim for something cheap".

It's not easy to manouver a boat in port if the rudders are very small and she has a small engine mounted fix about 1.5m from the centerline.

Our trip was successful though, despite the freezing temperatures and we had a sunny trip through Kiel canal.

On the river Elbe we had strong winds against us and managed to rip the main few miles from our final destination in Hamburgs industrial port.

Our arrival was impressive, we had tallships and huge containerships as well as an AIDA cruiseliner pass us before going into my new homeport called "Travehafen". 


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