Crew & Skills

Lady Rover has two permanent crew members onboard and here we talk a little about us and the skills we have. We are happy to help you should you need someone to go up the mast or the like ;-)


Franziska is a trained and certified boatbuilder & yacht designer and has sailed on a lot of crafts from dinghies to tallships and megayachts.

Amongst others she circumnavigated the complete Black sea.

She has no fear of heights and is not scared to pick up the tools and carry out any jobs thrown on her.

  • Skipper
  • Extensive experience in fiberglas, woodwork and boatbuilding in general
  • Ready to get up a mast in no time and fix anything aloft
  • Rerigging with Dyneema, installation of furling system
  • Not scared to do the dirtywork such as scraping hulls either
  • Runs our onboard sewing machine
  • 3D CAD specialist (
  • Design and redesign projects from exterior to interior and all other
  • Visualisation and animation specialist
  • 360 degree photo and video editor
  • Drone operator
  • Speaks fluently English & French as well as some Italian



Eugen is a trained craftsmen too and dwells on a looong career as facility manager.

From fixing electrics to HVAC he's got a broad experience in a lot of fields.

  • 1st mate
  • Tank & fluid system installation & maintenance
  • Electric projects including rewiring our whole boat
  • Gifted chef in the galley
  • Speaks perfectly Fränkisch (a local dialet in Bavaria, Germany) and  bit of English & Spanish.



Kind helpers:


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