Delivery Day 03 - Gelting to Kiel

Monday, 16th of April 2013


Rising around 08:00 hours to blue skies and a strong southerly (no waves, as we have the shore right to the South) we get exicted. First real sailing.

After a short negotiation with a fisherman who feared we would have fouled his nets with our anchor (actually we where here first, did he foul our anchor with his nets ;-) ???) all turns out well and we leave under sail with about 10kn of speed.


NICE! For a level sailing cruising boat!


Still the wind dies down when we reach the lighthouse and turn South towards Kiel. ;-(


Anyway, we DID sail and that was great.


Towards Kiel follows a tad bit more sailing and motoring into the rain.


Kiel greets us with the big Stena ferry and we drop the hook right opposite of Kiel canal.


Our little visit to shore with the dinghy is accompanied by gas tanks and we return very happy from a great Pizza few hours later.



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