Delivery Day 02 - Dyvig to Gelting

Sunday, 14th of April 2013


After a hearty breakfast wih Muesli and hot (Horray!!) coffee we head towards Sonderborg, unfortunately under engine and Autopilot in the rain.

Luckily we reach Sonderborg 5min before the infamous bridge is about to open. High five!!!

The guidebook reads: "Keep about 100m distance and beware of opposing traffic". So, we let one yacht pass from the South and give full throttle, only to find the bridge personnel closing the bridge directly in front of us. Heck knows what they where thinking when doing that. You do not want to know what we thought of them either!


Guess they saw two girls giving "High fives"...


Once passed the bridge we head for fuel at the fishermans wharf on starboard. To bad they only have Diesel. So you see us walking 2miles with tanks to the next gas station.


Happily refuelled we sail across to Germany where we drop our hook in Gelting Bay. A place Franzi visited about 25 years ago the last time.

Anchored safely we have a nice evening with wine, pasta and lots of talking.





Kind helpers:


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