Delivery Day 01 - Middelfart to Dyvig

Saturday, 13th of April 2013


Sarah and Franzi take the early morning train from Hamburg to Middelfart. The last snow is but a few days gone and here they go sailing ;-)

Franzi brings lots of stuff (read goodies) to make life onboard more comfortable and safe with her. Lifevests, tools, spares, sailing clothes. Sarah adds good spirits, capable hands and exitement to the mix.

Once we reach Middelfart, Michel and his daughter pick us up and we stock up some food before doing the practice run of berthing.

Not easy if you only have one fixed engine slightly off center. Ladyrover has a bit of her own mind and veers to starboard until some basic speed is reached. Still with a bit of help from Michel ("...  always aim for something cheap ...if in doubt!") Franzi feels save enough after a few trials and we cast of our lines around 14:00 hours.


Light winds take us past Fyn towards Dyvig. Uneventful sailing with few sunny spells and some help of the trusty Yamaha.

Reaching Dyvig is full of exicement though (and a bit of foolishness in all honesty!). We reach the very narrow channel around midnight and pitch black darkness. Still a GPS, chartplotter, depth sounder, a searchlight and four sharply peeled eyes let us negotiate into this pretty and very well sheltered anchorage.

In past times and without high tech we would definetly have stayed outside and would have waited for dawn to break!!


Anyway, good to sleep savely and spent the first (Cold!! 3-4degree centigarde!) night at anchor.



Kind helpers:


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